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          Since 2002,main products carbon Forging,Off-road Accessories,Pole line Hardware.
          大红鹰彩票官网 » 大红鹰彩票官网
          Thinkwell Hardware & Machinery CO.,Ltd is professional manufacturing facility providing Rigging Hardware ,Electric Line Pole power fittings, Trailer Hitches & Pulleys, Ornamental Wrought Iron, Container Fittings, Marine Hardware, Misc hardware and CNC parts .
          Our TK Brand is widely used in metallurgical machinery, electric power plants, coal operation , port operations, petrochemical industry, engineering, bridges, hydraulic engineering, shipping, cable-ways, overhead & fixed cranes along with portable mobile cranes etc. Our International Sale Representatives work hand and hand with our inside sale representatives providing customer satisfaction through on-time manufacturing & delivery schedules, proficient documentation for hassle free service and handle questions with solutions for technical issues.  Thinkwell is a fully rounded service manufacture.
          The factory covers an area of 10,000 square meters and employs over 250 full-time staff . An Engineering department, Design department, Technical department with 15 Technicians and a QC/QA department overseeing all operations. Two forging workshops and a mold workshop. Our basic equipment includes: 1000T/630T/400T/300T/160T forging 大红鹰彩票官网, air hammers, heating furnace, rolling 大红鹰彩票官网, tapping 大红鹰彩票官网, blasting 大红鹰彩票官网 and so on. Our factory has joint venture relationships with the heat treatment factory ,milling factory and galvanizing plant. Through our QC program end users can enjoy safe, reliable and the highest quality TK Brand products they expect. Thinkwell’s reputation is recognized through worldwide buyers for over 16+ years..
          Call Us :
          NO.88, ChunyangRoad, Chengyang District, Qingdao, Shandong, China大红鹰彩票官网

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